Discover the works exhibited in the aisles of LozT2.
They will be posted everywhere and for some you can even meet their authors.
Happy strolling!

Joseph Carlucci

Joseph Carlucci Exhibition Famous Swiss photographer, Joseph Carlucci will be presenting his latest collection of photos during the convention. You will be able…

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Sören and his friends

Sören and his friends…. For this sublime exhibition of paintings, they are three to present their works. Three tattoo artists, two German and one Swiss. There…

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Swiss Tattoo

Exhibition Clément Grandjean The Swiss tattoo book is hot and beautiful. And we are happy to have its author and some of the artists present at the convention….

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For this exhibition we enter David’s universe, a universe where he takes photos, transforms them and then prints them on metal plates to give them a unique rend…

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